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Swiss protectionism regional

Finanz und Wirtschaft: "The case of Ticino shows limits This is protectionism in pure culture and acts as a mockery of free trade." RTS Info: "The rise of economic protectionism worries Comco The Commission for Competition (Comco) - which is worried about the rise of economic protectionism in Switzerland - on Tuesday appealed to the cantons to maintain conditions conducive to encouraging competition."

Planning court hearing against Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

The preparations for the court hearing are in full swing ... In the case of a similar case, the cantonal bank BVGE was sentenced to a fine of CHF 500,000. You will find further details from 12.04.2017 here.

Conciliatory proceedings in Lausanne and lawsuit permission

The lawyer of the BCV, Mr. Pierre Godel, declined any amicable agreement, so that the conciliation procedure had already been terminated after ten minutes. The next step is the filing of the lawsuit. You will find further details dated 11.04.2017 here.

Always unbeatable and unsurpassable, in what?

"Toujours Imbattable - Always unbeatable" as informed by BCV! Wherein is the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise unbeatable? "Formule directe - Quite simply said" - unbeatably slow - unbeatable in keeping silent - unbeatable in lying - unbeatable conspiracy - unbeatable in not being recommended - unbeatable in protectionism   BCV advertisement in Morges 04/2017