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Does your work contribute to the canton`s prosperity, and mine would not have?

"Does your work contribute to the prosperity of the canton?" "Ours too!" ... as you can read on the poster. My business idea would have also contributed to the prosperity of the canton of Vaud if BCV would have let me! ... and rather than beeing prevented through BCV`s protectionism! BCV advertisement in Morges 03/2017

Economiesuisse: The cost of protectionism

"The cost of protectionism   Protectionism is in vogue. The discrimination of foreign competitors against domestic has increased sharply."

Protectionism easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

As you can read in Wikipedia DE , Protectionism is a form of trade policy in which a state tries to discriminate foreign suppliers on the domestic market through trade barriers in order to protect domestic suppliers against foreign competition. The opposite is free trade.”

Handelszeitung: Swiss protectionism - why it is so dangerous

"Swiss protectionism - why it is so dangerous"