Protectionism par excellence by Raynald Mayor

Today Raynald Mayor told me the real reason why BCV sabotaged my project!

Raynald Mayor, Proxy holder BCV:

​"Ironing ... is in Tschecky (Czech Republic) ... and that affects different versions. I do not know. Many small hands iron there and you are picking-up the laundry here in Switzerland with a truck. They go arround and pick it up, tack, tack, tack and that is sent there. Yes, the credit analyst said yes ok, but this means we have pressing services in Vaud and various people who are here and who are doing - I have to say that - I do not say this, but BCV the credit analyst says that all the money goes to Tschecky (Czech Republic), and here we have pressing. This is like a competition from abroad"

And here is the recording on Youtube:
(In German)


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