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[Swiss] Protectionism is expensive for consumers

"Le protectionnisme coûte cher aux consommateurs Suisse. Le Surveillant des prix préconise de davantage soutenir les paysans plutôt que de taxer les produits agricoles étrangers."

Legal costs insurance CAP in Lausanne will be initiated

BCV refused to give a written justification of the reasons for refusing the credit request. For this reason, legal costs insurance was required and a written statement from the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise was required. You will find further details in the time frame from 22.07.2016 to 24.08.2016 here.

Statement by Raynald Mayor, BCV

Is that the real reason why BCV wants to protect the Swiss market from my business? BCV does not want all of the money to go abroad ...? Here you can hear Raynald Mayor`s statement:

Protectionism par excellence by Raynald Mayor

Today Raynald Mayor told me the real reason why BCV sabotaged my project!     Raynald Mayor , Proxy holder BCV: ​"Ironing ... is in Tschecky (Czech Republic) ... and that affects different versions. I do not know. Many small hands iron there and you are picking-up the laundry here in Switzerland with a truck. They go arround and pick it up, tack, tack, tack and that is sent there. Yes, the credit analyst said yes ok, but this means we have pressing services in Vaud and various people who are here and who are doing - I have to say that - I do not say this, but BCV the credit analyst says that all the money goes to Tschecky (Czech Republic), and here we have pressing. This is like a competition from abroad " And here is the recording on Youtube: (In German)

Patrick Blanc (vice branch manager) and Raynald Mayor (proxy holder)

The discussions with the top management of the BCV were unsuccessful and there were initial doubts about the seriousness of BCV. Contrary to the hoped-for clarification, more and more questions arose ... Letter from Mr. Raynald Mayor, proxy holder BCV: - Does an official document of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise look like this? - Must a customer need to wait 17! weeks wait to get such a document? - Why could the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise could not submit any further documents to the defend their allegations? - It is of specific interest of how a Swiss company may receive as a reason for a credit denial the following statement from Mr. Mayor: "Coeur du système basé hors du canton de Vaud" ??? Letter from Mr. Patrcik Blanc, Vice branch manager BCV: Contrary to the precise and detailed reasons desired by my legal costs insurance, I received only a few sentences without strong evidence supporting the claims of BCV. Statements were made without giving any detailed answer