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Bill Gates Quote : There are websites that any government wants to block. The truth about the Internet is that it's extremely hard to block anything - extremely hard. You'll never get perfect blocking.

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Why was I blocked by BCV?

The answer is here: Based on the BCV's article that the Swiss economy is in good shape, my question to BCV was whether it would be appropriate for employees such as Mr. Raynald Mayor, proxy holder BCV, who protects the Swiss market from foreign competition? As the recording proves!

BCV blocked my Twitter account!


Schweizer Stahlkocher verliert wegen «America first» Riesenauftrag | - Wirtschaft |

Protectionism is not a one way street! Schweizer Stahlkocher verliert wegen «America first» Riesenauftrag | - Wirtschaft |  

Is It Really True That Switzerland Is The #1 Most-Corrupt Nation,

Is It Really True That Switzerland Is The #1 Most-Corrupt Nation,

Statement by Raynald Mayor uploaded on Youtube


Brussels’ man in Bern hints at Swiss protectionism

Brussels’ man in Bern hints at Swiss protectionism : The EU ambassador to Switzerland highlights the benefits for Switzerland of close relations with the EU but warns against anti-EU discrimination.

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Signed-up on Twitter

Today I started using Twitter! 😃 User Name is: SProtectionism Just sent the first Tweet!!!

First successes in search engine optimization

The first successes is visible in my search engine optimization. For example, using search words "protectionism" and "BCV" , my internet site is found under # 1 and # 2 in the Google ranking . I will continue to pursue my efforts to place additional keywords in the ranking, in order to achieve good results. Google Ranking

Monthly users social media

Interesting how many people use social media on a monthly basis.  

Search Engine Optimization on Google

Today I optimized my website for the Google search engine. The search engine optimization SEO is important enabling websites to be found in search engines. The goal of my optimization is that through entering certain search words into Google to have my website appear on the first page in the ranking. In addition to Google, the search engines Bing and Yahoo are also of (great) importance. For this reason, I have also registered my website at Bing and Yahoo. What are the top 10 most popular search engines? Top 10 search engines in the world

Today I start

As of today, I will focus more on social media . Why social media? Thanks to the networking of users of social media, it is possible to reach a large number of people in different countries. Through my personal experience with the BCV, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise , I would like to share their business practices.

Geneva Cantonal Bank is convicted

In a court ruling by the Swiss Federal Court, the Geneva Cantonal Bank BCGE was found guilty of serious misconduct towards a customer. After a long legal dispute, the BCGE was ordered to pay the client half a million for the "gross negligence" of the bank. As can be read further in the newspaper article , the bank - according to the plaintiff - has taken no responsibility for their actions: "The BCGE never took responsibility for it`s actions, BCGE had difficulty returning my assets, and  being a customer for over thirty years, BCGE asked me to close my account, which was unprofessional and vicious."

NZZ: Who really benefits from the border protection of Swiss agricultural goods

"Who really benefits from the border protection of Swiss agricultural goods In order to protect Swiss farmers from foreign competition, Switzerland has set up a complex quota system for agricultural goods."

David vs. Goliath

A legal dispute in Switzerland often resembles the fight David vs Goliath, as the following newspaper reports impressively demonstrates: Kaum Chancen gegen die Grossen - Wer vor Gericht für sein Recht kämpfen will, muss reich sein. (Hardly any chances against the `big ones` - who wants to fight in court for his right, must be rich.) Wenn Prozessieren zu teuer wird. Die Kosten für einen Prozess können die Klagesumme schnell übersteigen. Da hilft nur, mittellos zu sein, oder ein Trick, um die Kosten zu senken. (If processing becomes too expensive, the cost of a process can quickly exceed the claim amount. It only helps to be destitute or to trick to cut costs.) Der Gang vor Gericht wird zum Luxusgut – im Extremfall droht Klägern der Ruin Going to court is a luxury - in extreme cases, plaintiffs face ruin Gerichtskosten für KMU zu hoch - Unbezahlbare Gerechtigkeit Judicial costs for SMEs too high - priceless justice

Swiss protectionism regional

Finanz und Wirtschaft: "The case of Ticino shows limits This is protectionism in pure culture and acts as a mockery of free trade." RTS Info: "The rise of economic protectionism worries Comco The Commission for Competition (Comco) - which is worried about the rise of economic protectionism in Switzerland - on Tuesday appealed to the cantons to maintain conditions conducive to encouraging competition."

Planning court hearing against Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

The preparations for the court hearing are in full swing ... In the case of a similar case, the cantonal bank BVGE was sentenced to a fine of CHF 500,000. You will find further details from 12.04.2017 here.

Conciliatory proceedings in Lausanne and lawsuit permission

The lawyer of the BCV, Mr. Pierre Godel, declined any amicable agreement, so that the conciliation procedure had already been terminated after ten minutes. The next step is the filing of the lawsuit. You will find further details dated 11.04.2017 here.

Always unbeatable and unsurpassable, in what?

"Toujours Imbattable - Always unbeatable" as informed by BCV! Wherein is the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise unbeatable? "Formule directe - Quite simply said" - unbeatably slow - unbeatable in keeping silent - unbeatable in lying - unbeatable conspiracy - unbeatable in not being recommended - unbeatable in protectionism   BCV advertisement in Morges 04/2017

Does your work contribute to the canton`s prosperity, and mine would not have?

"Does your work contribute to the prosperity of the canton?" "Ours too!" ... as you can read on the poster. My business idea would have also contributed to the prosperity of the canton of Vaud if BCV would have let me! ... and rather than beeing prevented through BCV`s protectionism! BCV advertisement in Morges 03/2017

Economiesuisse: The cost of protectionism

"The cost of protectionism   Protectionism is in vogue. The discrimination of foreign competitors against domestic has increased sharply."

Protectionism easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

As you can read in Wikipedia DE , Protectionism is a form of trade policy in which a state tries to discriminate foreign suppliers on the domestic market through trade barriers in order to protect domestic suppliers against foreign competition. The opposite is free trade.”

Handelszeitung: Swiss protectionism - why it is so dangerous

"Swiss protectionism - why it is so dangerous"

Law firm from Geneva will be contacted

After the fact that all of the above refusals by Mr. Patrick Blanc, deputy branch manager of the BCV in Morges, were discredited by our trustee, I felt compelled to turn on a lawyer. You will find further details in the time frame from 05.12.2016 to 16.12.2016 here.

370,000 citizens of Vaud trust the BCV, really?

Is it really true that 370,000 Vaud citizens TRUST the BCV? WELL, NOT ME! How can you trust a bank that refuses a loan request for a business start-up with the explanation that it "wants to protect the Swiss market from foreign competition" ?!?!?!?!? ... instead of it checking your business plan for financial sustainability ?!?!?!?!? Click here to hear the audio of Mr. Raynald Mayor proxy holder of the BCV! Would Stan really see it the same way as the BCV, that is should protect the Swiss market from foreigners and foreign companies ?!?!?!?!? After all, his grandfather was also a foreigner, as can be read in Wikipedia DE ! How can you trust such a bank ?!?!?!?!? BCV Advertisement in Morges 11/2016

The BCV practices protectionism because of an ironing service!!!

The BCV practices protectionism because of an ironing service!!! The second largest cantonal bank in Switzerland, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise , sees it necessary to protect the Swiss population against my business concept through protectionism ?! The Swiss inhabitants are denied the possibility to decide for themselves which price they would like to pay for an ironing service! Banque Cantonale Vaudoise practices economic policy at the expense of Swiss citizens.

[Swiss] Protectionism is expensive for consumers

"Le protectionnisme coûte cher aux consommateurs Suisse. Le Surveillant des prix préconise de davantage soutenir les paysans plutôt que de taxer les produits agricoles étrangers."

Legal costs insurance CAP in Lausanne will be initiated

BCV refused to give a written justification of the reasons for refusing the credit request. For this reason, legal costs insurance was required and a written statement from the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise was required. You will find further details in the time frame from 22.07.2016 to 24.08.2016 here.

Statement by Raynald Mayor, BCV

Is that the real reason why BCV wants to protect the Swiss market from my business? BCV does not want all of the money to go abroad ...? Here you can hear Raynald Mayor`s statement:

Protectionism par excellence by Raynald Mayor

Today Raynald Mayor told me the real reason why BCV sabotaged my project!     Raynald Mayor , Proxy holder BCV: ​"Ironing ... is in Tschecky (Czech Republic) ... and that affects different versions. I do not know. Many small hands iron there and you are picking-up the laundry here in Switzerland with a truck. They go arround and pick it up, tack, tack, tack and that is sent there. Yes, the credit analyst said yes ok, but this means we have pressing services in Vaud and various people who are here and who are doing - I have to say that - I do not say this, but BCV the credit analyst says that all the money goes to Tschecky (Czech Republic), and here we have pressing. This is like a competition from abroad " And here is the recording on Youtube: (In German)

Patrick Blanc (vice branch manager) and Raynald Mayor (proxy holder)

The discussions with the top management of the BCV were unsuccessful and there were initial doubts about the seriousness of BCV. Contrary to the hoped-for clarification, more and more questions arose ... Letter from Mr. Raynald Mayor, proxy holder BCV: - Does an official document of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise look like this? - Must a customer need to wait 17! weeks wait to get such a document? - Why could the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise could not submit any further documents to the defend their allegations? - It is of specific interest of how a Swiss company may receive as a reason for a credit denial the following statement from Mr. Mayor: "Coeur du système basé hors du canton de Vaud" ??? Letter from Mr. Patrcik Blanc, Vice branch manager BCV: Contrary to the precise and detailed reasons desired by my legal costs insurance, I received only a few sentences without strong evidence supporting the claims of BCV. Statements were made without giving any detailed answer

Christophe Meylan, BCV - Consultant SME

Together with my trustee (tax consultant), we visited the BCV in Morges to discuss the financing of my start-up company. Mr. Meylan could not or would not give me any information, despite being repeatingly asked. You will find further details in the time frame from 11.03.2016 to 30.06.2016 here.

To recapitulate what happend

On my website , you will find the detailed sequence of what I have had experienced. In this blog, I again summarized the most important happenings of my odyssey with the BCV.

My business plan

The financial concept of my business plan was thoroughly examined by my tax advisor and rated as being " low risk "!  

What was my business idea?

My business concept concerned an ironing service. Through outsourcing the ironing to an EU country, enabled me to offer the Swiss customers an attractive price. Due to the favorable price-performance ratio, many potential customers could have opted for my offer. Therefore my clientele would have been accordingly large. That was unbearable for BCV, in the evidence shown by the sound recording of Raynald Mayor !  

Why was it a conspiratorial action by BCV?

According to Oxford Dictionaries and Wiktionary you will find the following under the word conspiracy: "... A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. ..." "... The act of two or more persons, called conspirators, working secretly to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. ..." The collaboration of several people at the BCV spanning over several hierarchical levels of the bank is beyond doubt. The conspiration began with the "simple" clerk Mr. Christophe Meylan , followed by Mr. Raynald Mayor , proxy holder of the BCV Morges, as well as Mr. Patrick Blanc , vice branch manager of BCV Morges. In addition the lawyer Mr. Pierre Godel and the CEO Mr. Pascal Kiener were also involved in the incident. Last but not least, BCV's Compliance Department was also informed about my case. The objective was clear, to keep me with my business idea away from the Swiss market in order to protect the local companies from

How the protectionism was executed

Despite the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise BCV advertisement for quick loan processing, it took a total of 5 months for my claim to finally be dismissed with dubious reasons. From the beginning Christophe Meylan stalled with information again and again, without receiving any answers, until I finally informed his superiors. The written justification from Mr. Raynald Mayor , proxy holder BCV , as well as Mr. Patrick Blanc , Vice branch manager BCV , has been completely refuted. In addition, during a discussion Mr. Mayor mentioned to me the real reasons behind the dismissel of my request, namely the protection of local Swiss companies by "foreign" competition . The original statement can be heard here . The fact that my case is indeed protectionism was confirmed by two recognized Swiss institutions! They will be mentioned later in this blog.

BCV au Coeur Du Canton / In the Heart of the Canton

BCV au Coeur Du Canton / In the Heart of the Canton

Who is the BCV - Banque Cantonale Vaudoise?

That's what Wikipedia says about the BCV: The Banque cantonale vaudoise (BCV) is a Swiss cantonal bank which is part of the 24 cantonal banks serving Switzerland's 26 cantons. The headquarters are located in Lausanne. Founded in 1845, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise in 2014 had 74 branches across Switzerland with 1 946 employees; total assets of the bank were 41 287.66 mln CHF. Unlike most of the cantonal banks, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise doesn't have any state guarantee of its liabilities. Banque Cantonale Vaudoise has a branch in Guernsey. That's what the BCV says about itself: - „La banque des PME | BCV - Banque Cantonale Vaudoise“ - „Packages PME - Tout-en-un dès CHF 4 par mois | BCV - Banque ...“ - „Banque des entreprises | BCV - Banque Cantonale Vaudoise“ - „Crédit Direct PME - Demande en ligne | BCV - Banque Cantonale ...“ - „Créer une entreprise - La BCV vous accompagne | BCV - Banque ...“ - „Taux et conditions clientèle entreprise | BCV - Banque Cantonale

Protectionism of the Swiss bank BCV in Vaud

You want a loan for starting a business and go to a bank for financial feasibility. Instead of receiving the result for your business plan's sustainability, the bank's response is "protectionism"! That is exactly what happend to me at the BCV branch in Morges! Image: Banque Cantonale Vaudoise in Morges, Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 2 You will find more information in this blog and on my website .

Welcome to my blog about Swiss protectionism

Welcome to my blog about Swiss protectionism. Based on my own experiences, I would like to share them with everyone and thereby contribute to the fact that protectionism and the associated discrimination are no longer to be hidden and must be disclosed.